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Another victory for students fighting to improve workers’ rights! The second one this month.

A groundbreaking agreement improving workers’ rights at Washington University was finalized Friday, April 22 ending the 19-day sit-in by members of Washington University’s Student Worker Alliance (SWA). The Wash. U. sit-in was the second longest sit-in in the recent history of the student movement!

The agreement includes:
    • Commitment of at least $1 million in the next two years towards salary and benefits for lower-paid contract employees, a significant step towards a Living Wage for those workers,
    • Membership for the University in the Workers Rights Consortium, which ensures factories producing clothing and other goods bearing college and university names respect the basic rights of workers,
    • The formation of a joint student-University committee with SWA representation to improve University policies so they better meet the needs of lower-paid service workers” which includes protecting freedom of association and working towards living wages and benefits for all workers who are directly and indirectly employed by the university.

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