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From a thread on Slashdot:

You know it is Apple related software when the review uses an entire page to comment on the look of the cardboard box.

UPDATE: Speaking of Tiger’s aesthetics, here is a fix for Mail.

UPDATE: A less geeky review of Tiger, which some good critiques of inconsistencies in the new user interface:

The rumor mill says that Apple’s engineering teams were hard-pressed to get Tiger out on time and stable, which might rationalize some inconsistencies, except that user interfaces are designed before coding begins, not tacked on afterwards…. Such basic design flaws demonstrate a lack of unity among Apple’s development team and a lack of overall coordination and user design standards.

While also noting useful new features, like the ability to send hyperlinks in Mail messages.

And some small features of Tiger noticed by Adriann. [I personally love being able to search the special character palette — which is now under the Edit menu (before you had to turn on the keyboard menu to see it).]

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