Podcasting Anthropology

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Mark Auslander has an interesting post on how his students are using podcasting to create an audio tour for a campus exhibit:

I first thought of trying this out next fall, but then, about three weeks ago, I tossed out the idea in my Anth 133a class (Tradition and Contemporary Experience in Sub-Saharan Africa) that we might try to do a podcast”-suitable audio guide for a fascinating exhibition that unexpectedly came to Brandeis — “Body Maps”, on painted self-representations by HIV-positive South African women. We’d just read the second volume of Jean and John Comaroff’s Of Revolution and Revelation”, and were working our way through Jennifer Cole’s” Forget Colonialism,” and when we did a session down at the exhibition, I was dazzled by the students’ thoughtful applications of these works to the paintings. It seemed pretty clear to me that the students had the ability to develop fascinating audio guides for visitors.

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