The Anti-Clinton

Politics, The Economy

John Edwards is guest blogging over at the new TPM Cafe web site. If I was luke warm about him as a presidential candidate, all that has changed. He is clearly taking poverty seriously and putting forward concrete examples about what can be done to lift people out of poverty (and the answer isn’t that they should pull themselves up by their own bootstraps). Its like Edwards is the anti-Clinton!

Go read for yourself, starting with his first post, where he says, in part:

As one little boy David met told his mother, Being poor is expensive.”

That boy was right on. The Brookings Institution recently released a fascinating study demonstrating how low-income families pay more for all sorts of things. They pay more for groceries and gasoline. They pay more for furniture and appliances. They pay higher prices for insurance and for utilities. And—something that has troubled me for a long time—they pay more for financial services, whether it’s cashing a check or getting a loan.

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