Donald Trump has a blog! I wouldn’t get all excited, except for the fact that it is hilarious. Here is Donald Trump on Kozlowski (the Tyco CEO involved in a corruption scandal):

As I watched this public embarrassment over and over again, it made me realize that my biggest problem with Kozlowski wasn’t the alleged corruption, but the lack of taste. The kind of buffoonery associated with this brand of corporate corruption is just distasteful and alien to me. While watching these high-level company officers cavorting on the shareholder’s dime, it occurred to me that maybe tackiness is at the heart of corporate corruption.

In an earlier post, Trump asserts that his buildings are the essence of style so presumably he doesn’t see the irony in deriding bad taste. (Although one can’t help but presume that this is all calculated to provoke a titter — as with his appearance on Saturday Night Live.) He does, however, explicitly assert that he himself has never engaged in any illegal behavior on his road to success.

But the best part of the whole site are the comments. Like this one by blogger Bone Smith:

Mr. Trump, We admire your moral verisimilitude. Keep up the good work…

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