Ray Nagin

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If you haven’t heard it already, listen now. New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin’s radio interview will go down in history as the most frank and direct expression ever uttered by a politician. He clearly just doesn’t give a fuck anymore.

I have no idea what they’re doing, but I will tell you this: God is looking down on all this, and if they are not doing everything in their power to save people, they are going to pay the price, because every day that we delay, people are dying, and they are dying by the hundreds I’m willing to bet you.

UPDATE: A profile of Nagin. And an op-ed which argues he knew full well that such a disaster was in the making and should have done more to prepare a proper evacuation plan for those without transportation, which is seems to be true, but doesn’t absolve federal authorities for failing to help people after the fact.

UPDATE: It seems that thousands of people are coming here after doing a Yahoo! search for Ray Nagin.” I invite all of you to look around my site as I have extensive additional coverage of Katrina, with links to many other articles of interest.

I have a longer post about government irresponsibility, and FEMA here. A post about issues of race (and poverty) in relation to Katrina. One about the administration’s efforts at damage control. As well as a post about the links between Bush’s agenda for smaller government and how that affects the victims of Katrina.

UPDATE: NPR reports that there were plans announced for those in New Orleans without transportation to be able to go to local schools where busses would pick them up. However, not all the buses arrived as planned. I don’t know how many people were left stranded as a result, but it seems like there were plans in place to get people out who didn’t have access to transportation.

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