Brooklyn to Pristina

Culture, Politics, The Economy

I haven’t yet seen the new movie Lord of War, where Nicholas Cage plays an international arms dealer, but I have seen POVs excellent documentary The Brooklyn Connection about a Brooklyn roofer who has a comfortable middle class life with three kids, and also makes money running guns to Kosovo.

At one point in the film the director, Klaartje Quirijns, asks Florin Krasniqi whether he worries about all the innocent people who die from the guns he supplies. He responds that no innocent people die from his guns.

I’m always amazed at limitless ability people have for self-deception. But Florin is more than just deluded. He is a really fascinating subject for a documentary, if only in how ordinary” he is (but of course, we all know that it costs a lot to be ordinary” these days). I highly recommend watching it.

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