Yesterday’s Weather

Info Tech

The way weather reports work is all wrong. They always tell you the next three-to-five days. What I want is just two days, and one of those days should be yesterday! That’s right, I don’t want to know the future, I want to know the past, or, more precisely, how the present compares with the past. Will today be colder? wetter? windier? If I was cold yesterday (and I was) should I wear more or less layers today?

Weather is such an abstract concept. I have no idea what 55°F means on any given day. But I do know what it meant for me yesterday, so just tell me: Will it be the same, or different?

Some web sites do give you access to yesterday’s weather, but I’ve never seen anything that gives you a comparison of yesterday’s weather with today’s, or which even shows them side-by-side.

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