Wisdom Writers


I recently told someone that I think I learned more in high school than in college and graduate school combined. So it pleases me greatly that one of the regular readers of Keywords (and the first person to make a donation to the site) is a former high school teacher. I have not seen her since high school, but a few years ago she met my father at a conference and sent him a copy of a paper I wrote. She had carefully filed it away all those years!

So, I would like to thank her by linking to a wonderful service she helps runs called Wisdom Writers:

Wisdom Writers is dedicated to the highest standard of personal history service. Our interviewers bring sensitivity and careful listening to each conversation, so that you will feel at ease as we draw out the memories of a lifetime. Then our writers, editors, and designers bring it all together.

It seems like a great service to contact if you’d like to collect oral histories but don’t have the time or experience to do it yourself. I know that there are many relatives of mine who were great story tellers and I wish I had been more motivated to collect oral histories from them while it was still possible to do so. If you feel the same way you might wish to give Wisdom Writers a call. [And no, you can’t get me to advertise your own site just by making a donation. It was my own idea to write about this site as a favor to a long time supporter of this site, and because I think they provide an interesting service.]