Here is a good overview of political endorsements for tomorrow’s NY mayoral election. Interestingly, a number of unions are supporting Bloomberg:

For decades, nationally and locally, unions provided key support for Democratic candidates. But this year, Bloomberg, a billionaire and nominal Republican who in the past has had his house picketed by some city workers, has racked up a number of union endorsements, including that of District Council 37, the largest union representing city employees. According to the National Journal’s Hotline,” this was the first time the union, which backed Ferrer four years ago, ever made a general election endorsement before the primary. Bloomberg aides told reporters the union imprimatur could help deflect accusations that Bloomberg is out of touch with working New Yorkers. Perhaps more importantly it will deprive Ferrer — or any other Democrat — of ground troops to get out the vote on Election Day.

These break away unions are why the Working Families Party is not nominating Ferrer, even though they did endorse him. There is some good discussion of this on Daily Kos.

The ambivalence of the left for Ferrer is also well explained by this Village Voice article.

For me, however, the issue is simple: Bloomberg donated nearly seven million dollars to re-elect Bush, and oversaw the shocking police clamp down on freedom of speech during the Republican Convention. I was also quite upset over how he handled the whole stadium debacle. Those stories and more reasons not to vote for Bloomberg can be found at the Truth on Bloomberg website.

And here is a handy guide on what else will be on the ballot, including several ballot measures.

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