Info Tech

I feel a pain in my chest every time I see someone trying to do work in Internet Explorer. It is like watching someone try to walk with their shoelaces tied together. But I bite my tongue because I know people won’t change unless they want to change.

Still, there are some people who simply never heard of Firefox, or who tried earlier versions of Firefox and are unaware how much it has improved. For those people I think ads like these winners from the recent firefox flix contest might help. This is my favorite:

It is a shame that they picked such a boring film to be the winner. I can see their dilemma. They want people to take Firefox seriously, and the homemade quality of the funnier films works against that. But who are we kidding here? People who are afraid of putting anything non-Microsoft on their computer aren’t going to change because of an ad. As I said above, the target audience are those people already predisposed to trying something different. Those people aren’t going to be swayed by some corporate looking ad. I think something like this is much better.

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