Pity the Fool


On the social news site, Digg, someone with the alias homerfink” posted a link to a story about Mr. Ts return to television. The show is called I Pity the Fool” and features the former A-Team and Rocky III star traveling the country giving Dr. Phil-like tough-love personal advice.

In their blurb, homerfink wrote:

Pity the fool who doesn’t digg this story.

The use of doesn’t” is Standard English, not AAVE/Eubonics/Black English. The proper phrase should be:

Pity the fool who don’t digg this story.

It is a natural mistake, but it reminds us how hard it is to master the rules of a language you aren’t familiar with. The SE variant gets 14,400 hits on Google, while the grammatically correct AAVE variant gets only 9,700.

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