LoSheng & Hushan


Been too busy to write much, but there are two worthwhile Taiwan related causes that I’ve been meaning to blog about:

First off: residents of the Lo-Sheng sanatorium, a leprosarium built by the Japanese colonial government at 1930s, are being forced to leave their homes to make way for a mass-transit line:

But with the bad body condition, to live in a highrise is just like being excluded again. So the residents and human rights activists requested the government to make a law against the discrimination of Hansen disease” patients and to re-design the MRT parking & service area.

And second,

The Hushan dam project threatens to submerge 228 hectares of beautiful forested land, and with that the homes of hundreds of plant and animal species in this biologically rich area in Yunlin County, Taiwan. Although it was originally claimed that the dam was necessary to solve Yunlin’s water shortage and land subsidence problems, it is now certain that this was untrue, and that the water will actually go to two new factories that will greatly increase the already serious pollution of the surrounding water, soil and air. (Click here for more details.)

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