Health, Juno

In the Simpsons episode about Mojo, the helper monkey, Homer’s lifestyle slowly ruins the monkey’s health.

helper monkey

When a colleague asked if I would take over ownership of his 8 month old golden retriever, Juno, I was worried that the same thing would happen to her. While I’ve always gotten a minimal amount of exercise on a regular basis, I’m not exactly what you’d call the athletic type,” and I certainly don’t have 1/10th the energy of a young golden retriever!

Fortunately, rather than Juno staring at a computer screen blogging all day, it is I who find myself going on morning walks in the mountains behind my house — something Shashwati points out we didn’t do once all last year! They say pet owners live longer, healthier lives, and more frequent exercise may be one important reason. (This won’t help Taiwanese however, as they seem to walk their dogs by driving their scooters!)


In future posts I will write a bit about training Juno, as well as some of the unique challenges to raising a dog in Taiwan.