Thursday Dog Blogging

Juno, Taiwan

I honestly don’t know if I’ll be blogging about Juno every Thursday, but since she takes up so much of my blogging time I figure I might as well share some of these photos. Juno’s a fast learner and she’s quickly becoming much more manageable. Of course, when another dog is around that all goes out the window, but there is definite improvement.

I have to admit, taking a hike by the lake in the morning sure beats scanning Google Reader for the latest news.

Dog descending a staircase.

Juno’s favorite new toy.

She regularly gets stuck under the bed trying to fish the ball out.

There are way too many stray dogs around. That’s one reason why we go all the way up into the mountains for our walks. Now she’s going into heat for the first time, so we had better keep an eye on her over the next few weeks — and get her spayed as soon as possible. Its going to be a nightmare keeping these guys away from her!