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The Employee Free Choice Act passed the house vote, now it is going to the senate. If you are a US citizen, please go here to tell your senator that they should pass this important bill!

Why is this important? The standard method (NLRB elections by secret ballot) are much more prone to coercion by management:

During the NLRB election, 46% of workers complained of management pressure. During card check elections, 14% complained of union pressure. Workers in NLRB elections were twice as likely as workers in card check elections to report that management coerced them to oppose.

More from Kevin Drum.

From the Working Families website:

Sign the Petition: Tell Congress It’s Time to Support the Employee Free Choice Act

Today, 60 million workers in America want to join unions. But employers routinely block their efforts—and our laws are too weak to protect them. It’s time for Congress to support the Employee Free Choice Act, which would allow workers to make their own uncoerced decisions on whether or not to form a union. Please sign the following petition urging members of Congress to support this important legislation.

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