Doggy Paddle


Up till now Juno has enjoyed splashing around in the water, but not actually swimming:


The other day we saw someone whose golden retriever was swimming in the lake and ran over so that Juno could learn from a friend. At first she was afraid to dive in, but when the other retriever (who is about the same age as Juno) came out and played with her a little, she followed him right back into the water. The next day she was able to go swimming all by herself:

Fist Doggy Paddle

Now, if we can just get her to stop trying to eat the towel when we dry her off …

UPDATE: Turns out that Juno swimming is a spectator sport! We went back today and were playing fetch in the water when I looked back and saw about 7 kids and their mothers sitting on the bank watching us! We should charge money…

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