Bangxi (spelling?) is Bunun for smelly” and is the name of Juno’s new friend. Bangxi is only 4 months old, while Juno is about one year old now, so whenever they play Bangxi gets sopping wet from Juno’s salvia. Bangxi is being raised by one of my students who lives near by, so they should have lots of opportunities to play together.

Juno and Bangxi

One reason for the relative lack of Juno posts lately is that we’ve had quite a scare. Juno got really sick a while back and we weren’t sure what the problem was. Initially she just had gunk in her eyes, but then we found out she had a fever as well. She went on antibiotics, but then she also developed weird breathing problems. This led to X-rays, blood tests, and an EKG … the end result of which was that Juno seemed to have heart troubles. Her EKG showed an abnormal delay after every third heart beat. The blood tests also revealed some mild anemia. The breathing problems went away soon after Juno finished her antibiotics, and we started giving her some chicken liver with her breakfast for the anemia. She seemed fully recovered, but it wasn’t till today that I went back to the vet for more tests.

The good news is that the EKG now shows a normal heart beat, but she seems to still have some mind anemia. We have no idea what caused the heart problems. Possible causes that have been suggested include: eating wild plants, pollution in the lake where she went swimming, side-effects of the antibiotics (the vet thinks this is unlikely as they were fairly mild), eating some fertilizer etc. The latest EKG seemingly rules out the most scary possibility which was heart disease, so that is a big relief. Juno is way too young to be having heart problems! We’ll still keep a good eye on her, but the scary part seems to be over.

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