Fix for Apple Time Capsule printing woes with Samsung printer

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This post is for people using Samsung laser printers with Apple Time Capsule (although its possible that other people are having similar issues). I had so much trouble trying to figure out how to fix the problem, which plagued us for months, that I wanted to post this on my scrapbook in the hopes that other people having this problem might have an easier time finding the solution. Although I should warn you that this doesn’t seem to work for everyone…

I eventually found a solution which works for me on Apple’s support forums. There are so many similar threads its hard to know which one to look at for the answer. I found the answer in this thread:

Open AirPort Utility>select the Time Capsule>Manual Setup>Select the Printers” tab at the top>check the box in front of Share printers over Ethernet WAN port”>click update at the bottom and Voila!!

That’s it. Hope it helps!

UPDATE: Hmmm. Immediately after post this, the printer stopped working again… Should have kept my mouth shut!