Training Juno Not to Steal Socks



If we come downstairs before Juno she will often sneak into the bedroom (where she isn’t allowed) and steal socks from the laundry basket. (Somehow she always manages to steal a matching pair!) When she comes downstairs she will then dance around looking somewhat ashamed, with her tail between her leg, as if to say: Look at me, I’ve been a baaaad dog. Shouldn’t I be punished?” Of course, it is all just an elaborate ruse for attention, so we mostly ignore her.

Unfortunately, ignoring her hasn’t cured her of the habit. Nor do we always remember to close the bedroom door. So we decided on a new approach: rewarding her for coming down the stairs without socks in her mouth. We thought this worked when, this morning, she came down without any socks; but, it turns out, that she had still stolen the socks, but simply dropped them at the top of the stairs so she could get her cookie!