Passwordless Teaching

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My teaching workflow, which allows me to quickly sign in and access my lecture notes on a school computer without any password or USB drive.

(Link to Twitter thread.)

It doesn’t matter where you host your lecture notes, as long as the service allows anyone with a secret share link to access the files. Most services can do this. I like since they offer free pro accounts to anyone with an .edu address.

Another nice thing about Notion is that the iOS app allows you to quickly make any last minute changes or additions to your notes - with these changes showing up instantly on the shared web version. Dropbox Paper & Google Drive are good options as well. (Sometimes I use all 3…)

The next step (and the key one for being able to log in without a password) is to set up a free Discord server. I use this for teaching, but you could just create a private server for yourself. Post the secret share link from your Notion lecture notes to your Discord server.

Now, when you go to the Discord website you can login with a QR code. Scan this with the Discord app on your phone, click the button, and you are logged in! Click the link you posted and you can start teaching right away!

Here is more information about QR login with the Discord app.

You can just as easily upload a PowerPoint or Keynote file to Google Drive, generate a share link, and post that to Discord. The key thing is that you can quickly login and click that long (and impossible to remember) share link without a password.

I used to create easy to remember URL in, but I like this better because it is more secure. Nobody can guess or see your easy to remember URL - only those with access to the Discord server you created can find the URLs.

In Discord you can also send private messages to yourself (a group of just one person), which is another way to share the URL, if you don’t want to create a server for this purpose. Personally, I like to share the URLs with my class, especially when teaching online.