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April 3, 2015

A new home for Keywords!

I’m sick of Wordpress. For many of the same reasons articluated here. So I moved my homepage and this site over got GitHub Pages using Jekyll. It

April 17, 2013

Video on Demand

We are very happy to announce that, in an effort to ensure that as many people as possible see our film, we are now offering Please Don’t Beat Me,

April 17, 2013

NYIFF 2013 and Other Screenings

We are very happy to announce that Please Don’t Beat Me, Sir! will have its North American premier in New York City at the 13th Annual New York

June 1, 2012

Associate Professor Fu

When I first came to Taiwan to teach, my colleague introduced me to a local purveyor of sweetened tofu 豆花 in the night market outside of school.

March 6, 2012 Redesign

Henry Schwarz, Alan Sussman, Shashwati and I created Vimukta to help support Budhan Theatre’s community development activities. For the past few

October 3, 2011

Jean Rouch Award and our Kickstarter Campaign

We have some very exciting announcements to make regarding our documentary film, Please Don’t Beat Me, Sir! But before I get to that, I wanted to

August 15, 2011

World Premiere

We are very happy to announce that our film, Please Don’t Beat Me, Sir!, has been officially selected to have its world premiere at the 2011 Busan

December 2, 2007

Taiwan 2.0

I wanted to announce two projects which I think should be useful for English speaking residents of the Taiwanese interweb: First is a Yahoo! Pipes

October 22, 2007

Yes Logo

One of our main goals for the film is to create awareness about the plight of India’s Denotified Tribes, but we also want to turn that awareness

September 27, 2007

Media Transparency

If you don’t know Cursor or the Center for Media Transparency, you should. Cursor is the premier alternative news aggregation site. Since the start

September 22, 2007

Tweets vs. Lifelog

As of now I will stop posting tweets to this blog. Once again this blog will become a space reserved for long-form blogging. You can continue to

September 20, 2007

Job Announcement

College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University [Taiwan] POSITION DESCRIPTION AND DUTIES: The

May 11, 2007

A long overdue complete overhaul of my homepage. I think the new version is cleaner and easier to navigate, while at the same time actually

March 1, 2007


is having a dashboard widget (Mac OS X only) for all of your own web feeds. I doubt anyone out there, except perhaps my mother, will want to

January 30, 2007


I’ll be offline for much of the next two weeks, and with limited access for the third week. Till then, here is a picture of a camel we passed as we

December 27, 2006

Edwards 08

Since it has now been officially announced, I’d like to throw in my endorsement: Over the next two years I’ll be writing an ongoing series of posts

December 2, 2006

Google Video

I’m happy to announce that DER has made Acting Like a Thief available from Google Video. You can, of course, still download the movie for free from

December 1, 2006


Somewhere along the line, as I moved from one blogging platform to another, I lost 15 months worth of blog posts. Because, before I started Keywords

October 12, 2006


Graduate Student Rashi Jain is running in a marathon to raise money for a program to set up Radio Schools for rural Adivasi communities in India.

October 5, 2006

New Link Blog

Since their recent upgrade, I’ve switched from using my desktop client, NetNews Wire, to using Google Reader online, something I was never willing

July 20, 2006


Shashwati asks why I chose to work in one of the most earthquake and typhoon prone regions on the planet. One good reason is that they are much

June 30, 2006


Here is a map of where we live. I threw it together pretty quickly after discovering Quikmaps (thank’s Ish!), and will probably add more details to

June 23, 2006


We are happy to announce some very exciting news … Today we signed a contract with Documentary Educational Resources (DER) to distribute two of our

June 20, 2006

Over at Savage Minds

While some of my readers are also regulars over at Savage Minds, I know not everyone is, so I though I should highlight some of my recent writing

March 26, 2006


Not the first time I’ve been linked to by BoingBoing, so I know from experience that after the link disappears from the front page of BoingBoing few

February 18, 2006


I just have a crappy camera phone, but here are some pictures of my new life in Taiwan. It is just a 10-15 minute bike ride between where I will

February 14, 2006


In India, on January 12th, around one thirty in the morning, back from a long day of filming which had involved over nine hours of driving, I fired

February 9, 2006


I’m off … Tune in next week for the big news! (Hint.) {adventure}

February 4, 2006


I’m in the middle of upgrading to WordPress 2.0.1. This has created all kinds of additional work with plugins and the like, so please hold on till

January 28, 2006

TF still guest blogging!

I haven’t thanked TF for his wonderful guest blogging while I was in India, because I’ve asked him to continue guest blogging over the next month,

January 27, 2006

4 Meme

I’ve never been tagged for one of these blogger memes before, but now that M E-L’s tagged me I have no choice but to join the borg: {four,

December 5, 2005


ABCDLady has a nice profile of Shashwati: For the future, Talukdar hopes to turn a screenplay she just finished into a film. Double Vision is a

November 30, 2005


Guest post by tf At the risk of turning my first blog posting into a fraternal lovefest, I must take exception with one aspect of my brother’s

November 29, 2005

My Mycroft

Just as Sherlock Holmes had his smarter brother Mycroft, I have a smarter big brother as well: TF. Although not lazy and fat like Mycroft, he has so

November 20, 2005


Writer Dilip D’Souza, a long time advocate of India’s Denotified Tribes, or DNTs, has a moving post promoting our film. He draws from his book,

November 17, 2005


Tehelka reporter Sonia Faleiro has written a wonderful story about Chharanagar, which she’s posted up on her blog, along with some pictures she took

November 16, 2005

Kurt Engfehr

We are very pleased to announce that Kurt Engfehr has agreed to be an advisor on the film. Kurt was co-producer and editor on both Bowling For

November 8, 2005

India Together

Tarun Jain interviewed me for this India Together piece about the Budhan Theatre and the film. Last year Tarun wrote this excellent article on the

October 28, 2005

Thank You!

Amazing. Thank you everybody who has donated to the film! After just a few weeks, we have already raised $5,236, which is one third of our $15,000

October 27, 2005

Thanks to a friend I discovered, which allows you to donate to charities and non-profits online. This is great for us, because we’ve

October 18, 2005

Zeimo Zeiyang

賊模賊樣—以劇場對抗 That’s how Zonble translated Acting Like a Thief into Chinese on his blog. This is great — now we need more translations! Visit Acting

September 29, 2005

Don’t click that link!

If you’ve tried clicking on any links on any of my sites (my homepage, my wiki, or this blog), you will get a 404 error telling you that the page

September 27, 2005

It’s Live!

After much hard work, the new website for the film is up. Here’s what it looks like: {chharanagar, dnt, film, hooch and hamlet}

September 26, 2005

Request for CSS help!

I’ve been working on a revision of the Hooch and Hamlet in Chharanagar web site, and I’m really happy with how it looks. Unfortunately, the code I’m

September 15, 2005

Hooch and Hamlet

This December, Shashwati and I are going to India to shoot a documentary film about the residents of one city’s slum who are using theatre to fight

September 9, 2005

Wars and Words

A little horn tooting: My Language in Society book review on both At war with words and War of words: Language, politics and 9/11 has finally been

July 28, 2005

Server Back Up

The server for my web site crashed, and had to be restored from backup. Some comments may have been lost, since the backup was from the 19th. Sorry

July 9, 2005

Technical Help Needed

I’ve been dealing with my jet lag after returning from Taiwan by upgrading all the software on my web site. Its all gone pretty smoothly, except for

July 9, 2005

Subscribe via E-mail

In the early days, my blog was actually an e-mail list sent out to a group of friends and family members. Then I figured out how to post everything

July 4, 2005

Taiwan Bloggers

The most rewarding aspect of blogging for me has been all the other bloggers I’ve gotten to know. Unfortunately, it is only rarely I get to meet

June 30, 2005


If you know me, or are a reader of this site living in Taiwan, you are invited to a party on Monday night, July 4th. Scott and I (and maybe Zonble)

June 26, 2005

Hualian County

Here is an annotated map I’ve made of Hualian County 花蓮縣 using Google Maps which, even though it doesn’t have map information for the whole world

May 29, 2005

Number 2

I’m very upset to report that I’ve been demoted. In Google’s English edition Keywords is now only the number two result for “Kerim.” I am no longer

May 26, 2005

Finish line

Another anthropology grad student/blogger crosses the finish line! Congrats Biella. {anthropology, Bloggers, dissertation, graduate student, thesis}

May 25, 2005


Arrived in Taipei yesterday. A long, if uneventful journey. This is the first time my flight went through the new Nagoya airport in Japan, and

May 22, 2005

Reading me on Savage Minds

I’m not going to be mirroring all my Savage Minds posts here, but if you are a friend or fan of mine and for some reason only wish to read those

May 20, 2005

Ready to Print

I was going to write another post about what is happening over on Savage Minds but I’m thrilled to pieces with Lorenz’s review, so I’ll just quote

May 17, 2005

Savage Minds

Last September I wrote an article in Anthropology News encouraging my fellow anthropologists to get online. I was frustrated that while there are

May 1, 2005


My latest Anthropology News article is now online. It is a general introduction to “folksonomy.” I explain the concept by comparing folksonomies to

April 19, 2005

Anthropology Ballot

This is a message for all those members of the American Anthropology Association out there: I admit it, I normally throw my AAA ballot in the

April 18, 2005


I tweaked the font settings and a few other things. I think it makes my blog more readable. If you feel otherwise, please let me know in the

April 8, 2005

Taipei Bloggers

I’m heading to Taiwan this summer, and I’m looking forward to meeting some Taiwanese bloggers! (Besides Scott that is.) Although I doubt I’ll meet

March 29, 2005


I’ve given Shashwati’s blog a makeover. Check it out! It was a tougher theme to work with, since it uses images and not just straight CSS, but

March 21, 2005


I’ve redone my blogroll, which was getting helplessly long. Actually, it was so long that it wasn’t all showing on the site. Because it seems that I

March 20, 2005


The upgrade redesign of Keywords is now complete. Like I said, the new system should allow me to change things even more in the future, and maybe

March 19, 2005


No, you are not lost — this is Keywords, I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 1.5 and figured it would be easier to adapt an existing theme rather than

March 17, 2005


I recently discovered, looking around my site’s stats, that many people are subscribed to the category feed “General.” This is a big mistake on my

March 14, 2005


Many people are still subscribed to receive e-mail updates of this blog via Bloglet. I urge all of you to sign up for a free account

February 25, 2005


Via Jonathan Benda I discovered Googlism, a site that “will find out what thinks of you” (at least circa 2004, at which point Google

February 21, 2005


No need to wait for the book, the curious can download my dissertation right now: Learning “Local” Languages: Passive Revolution, Language Markets,

February 16, 2005

Email Tips

There is a lot of discussion on the web about e-mail overload (here, here, and here). So I thought I’d share my tips. I’ve been using e-mail since

February 11, 2005

Fish tank

Here is my first foray into video blogging, a strange toy fish tank I saw in Chinatown. I took it with my digital camera, which has a video capture

February 9, 2005


They say that on the internet nobody knows your naked, but one can feel quite naked after living one’s life online for some time. Unless you use a

February 9, 2005

Happy Year of the Rooster

新年快樂! Not my picture, but one I found on Flickr using the “rooster” tag. Here are more with the “chinesenewyear” tag. {chinese new year, rooster}

February 2, 2005


I know it has been relatively quiet here the past few weeks. There is a simple explanation for that: I’m teaching again! This semester I’m visiting

January 29, 2005


Up till now I’ve resisted putting a “donate” button on my site. But the fact is that I now have over 500 people a day visiting the site and if out

January 26, 2005

Blistering Barnacles

Since finishing my dissertation and getting back from our trip, I’ve been in “cleanup mode”: not only physically cleaning up my desk which looked

January 19, 2005

India Photos

Here is a selection of my photos from my time in Ahmedabad (my Ahmedabad post): And here are some from Dehradun (my Dehradun post): See all

January 16, 2005


Before going through Customs at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, Shashwati had to stop and fill out an “embarkation” form to give to

January 15, 2005

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

One of my former professors is involved in the following organization, which is unique in that it bypasses most of the usual NGOs, getting the money

January 12, 2005


Some random observations from the trip as we prepare to depart from India… Conversation on a street corner: Stranger: Hello sir, what country? Me:

January 11, 2005


The last leg of this trip has been a bit unfortunate, as I’ve spent about a third of the time in bed, either due to a bad cold I picked up in

December 30, 2004


First off — we are fine. We are in the North of India, far away from the disaster zone. Thanks to all those who inquired about our well being, but

December 10, 2004


Done!!! Handed the monster in today. Micro$oft Word failed me at the very end — keeping me up till 4am dealing with crazy formatting issues. I wish

November 27, 2004

Comment SPAM

One of the annoying things about managing a blog — the only one actually — is SPAM. For a long time I was able to block spam with a program which

November 23, 2004

Pseudo Fascism

No time to write much these days, but please take the time to read David Neiwert’s 7 part article on “The Rise of Pseudo Fascism.” Some

November 18, 2004


Even though I’m not yet done with my thesis (three weeks to go!) I decided to reward myself for passing my oral defense by purchasing a Panasonic

November 11, 2004


I’m off to Philadelphia to present the oral defense of my dissertation. Wish me luck. I hope I can get some sleep on the train, because I certainly

November 9, 2004


The vast majority of people still visit this web site using Micro$oft Internet Explorer. Do yourself and the rest of the world a favor: Download

November 6, 2004


are working again!!! Sorry to all those whose comments over the past week were automatically deleted by my SPAM filter

October 29, 2004

10 years

How did my Ph.D. take 10 years? First of all, that is the average for a Ph.D. in Anthropology, so it is no big deal. Secondly, it doesn’t seem that

October 29, 2004

Bollywood Terror

Shashwati has decided to bypass the festival circuit and post some of her short pieces directly over the internet. You can see the first one here:

October 28, 2004


After 10 years in a Ph.D. program, I am working on completing the final draft of my dissertation — due next week, and I get this in my e-mail

October 14, 2004


On MacOSX you can customize the icons for just about anything. Here are the custom icons for two of the folders I use most regularly

October 9, 2004


stands for “Content Management System” and refers to software which makes it easy to update and maintain a website. The content is usually

October 3, 2004

Open Source Anthropology

My latest Anthropology News article, “Open Source Anthropology” is now available online as a fully editable wiki article. Please feel free to

September 29, 2004


Why do we hold elections on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November? Why early November? For much of our history America was a

September 27, 2004

Encouraging Words

Those of you who have gone through the hell of writing a thesis know what I’m going through right now. My oral defense is scheduled for 60 days from

September 13, 2004


I’ve added a new feature for all those who simply can’t get enough of Keywords — a “side blog” or “link blog” of fun, interesting links that I like,

September 10, 2004


To the right is Karim Khan Zand, the guy I was named after — in honor of being born on a holiday trip to Tehran. My parents chose the Turkish

September 4, 2004

Coral It!

I’ve created a handy bookmarklet you can use to instantly get the Coral version of a link. This should allow even the smallest of web content

September 3, 2004


Free stuff! I have a bunch of Gmail invites to give away if anyone wants one. Gmail is Google’s new web based e-mail service, and they offer 1 GB of

August 30, 2004

“Stop Yelling at the TV and Get Online!”

My article, for Anthropology News, “Stop Yelling at the TV and Get Online!” has just been published. This is the first of a series of articles I am

August 22, 2004

RNC Protest Info

Two handy URLs for anyone planning on being in town during the RNC. (I’m still not sure whether I will be or not…): August 29 Protest: Directions

August 22, 2004

Move Complete!

A million thanks to Carthik!!! This blog is now running on WordPress instead of MovableType, but Carthik has helped do it in such a way that all the

August 20, 2004

Announcement: WordPress Migration on Saturday

I love WordPress. Not just because it is Open Source, but because it is written in the PHP coding language. (I like PHP because it is easy to

August 8, 2004

Wiki Progress

Not much posting lately, sorry. I’ve done a lot of work on my wiki though. Take a look, and help out! Current topics are: Language, Taiwan/East

August 6, 2004

Request for Photos

Organizers of an exhibition in Australia are looking for photos from around the world from the February 2003 anti-war march. It seems like a great

August 5, 2004


I’m very happy to announce, that after much thought and preparation, I have finally launched my own personal wiki! It isn’t the first time I’ve run

July 5, 2004


will be slow around here. I’m upstate and can only get broadband intermittently. I’ll try to keep posting, but I can’t promise anything! If you

June 28, 2004


Keywords is one year old today (June 29th)! Thanks to everyone for coming back week after week and taking the time to read what I write. Thanks to

June 23, 2004


The winners have been announced!!! Below are just some of the winning T-shirt designs from the Designs on the White House t-shirt contest. Support

June 17, 2004


I’m very happy to announce a new blog that you should all immediately add to your blogrolls, feed readers, bookmarks, etc. Shashwati’s Blog starts

June 3, 2004

Vote (for T-shirts)!

As you know, I’ve been involved in helping run an online contest to pick better T-shirts for the Kerry Campaign. The first round of voting is now

May 20, 2004

DOTWHO Deadline Extended!

Please inform everyone you know, that the Designs on the White House (DOTWHO) contest deadline has been officially extend until Memorial Day! That

May 14, 2004


I’m upgrading my blogging software to MovableType 3.0. (Note: It is hard to find the free version for download, but its still there.) This means

May 6, 2004


Hey, Designs on the White House got written up in the Boston Globe! Giving the lie to the notion that designers are obsessed with style over

May 3, 2004

Designs on the White House

The Designs on the White House contest to design better t-shirts for the Kerry campaign has officially begun! You can submit a design from now till

March 25, 2004


was down all week. E-mail subscribers to this list may wish to look on the web site to see what they missed. It seems to be working again

February 29, 2004


As my site grows in popularity, I am hoping to leverage that attention by starting a new feature I call “invited blogging.” This is unlike

February 24, 2004


Ampersand says this about Keywords: …a very smart lefty blog that I’ll definitely be checking in the future. You know, it doesn’t take much to

February 13, 2004


I’m doing OK after my operation. I’m not taking any pain killers, and I even went for a short walk around the block this afternoon. Physical trauma

February 10, 2004


If I don’t blog for a while. Here is why: Tomorrow I’m going in for Laparoscopic surgery (for a hernia). Several hundred thousand people seem to get

February 4, 2004


UPDATE: Apple has finally extended the Logic Repair Program to cover late 2001 iBooks!!! Took them long enough, but I’m glad they did the right

January 15, 2004


It is hard to explain to people who aren’t computer savvy just what an RSS feed is, and why it is good for them to know. So, instead, I’ve set up a

January 7, 2004


Announcing the Big Apple Blogger Bash (Friday, Jan. 23rd.) Prometheus might be there, and if I can convince some other NY bloggers I know to show

December 12, 2003


The Koufax Awards are like the emmy’s of the blog sphere. Well, its the closest thing we have right now. I voted for Rush, Newspeak, and Fascism by

December 9, 2003


Sorry to all my bloglet subscribers. The connection was down. It should be fixed now

November 16, 2003


Announcing RSS feeds for searches!!! That’s right — you can find out when a new book comes out on your favorite topic, or when that PDA

October 24, 2003


Inspired by Prometheus6, I’ve started a “best of” section of my own. These are entries that I’ve put a little more thought than usual into, or which

October 11, 2003

Blogroll II

I’ve once again changed how I do my blogroll. Now there are far more sites listed in the menu on the right of this site. Scroll down to see. I did

September 21, 2003


OK, my first post was actually number 17, so this is only my 83rd post since June 29th. And, of course, I had my old blog before that… but still, I

August 31, 2003


No posts today because I spent my blogging-time trying to categorize all the blogs which have piled up in my “More blogs …” section. Eventually, I

June 29, 2003


The word “blog” is listed in the March 2003 draft of the OED. It is listed as both a noun and a verb. Both uses are first dated as appearing in