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July 15, 2017

Teaching Higher Ed Taiwan

I frequently get approached by academics who would like to find a university teaching job in Taiwan, so I thought I’d share my standard advice as a

September 15, 2012

#CTUStrike FAQ

What is at stake in the Chicago Teachers Union strike? Here are some links to articles I’ve found useful/interesting in the form of a FAQ. I will

January 9, 2010

Teaching Anthropology “In The Field”

Re-posted from Savage Minds. This is a view of the building where I work. The College of Indigenous Studies at National Dong Hwa University, in

January 1, 2008

Year of the Dog

While it is still officially the year of the pig, for us 2007 was the year of the dog. Juno was already seven months old when we met her in December

June 14, 2007

Wax On, Wax Off

One of my jobs at Dong Hwa is to be an advisor to half of the second year students. One student had never shown up at any of the activities I

June 3, 2007

Corporal Punishment

This only thing remarkable about a recent study which showed that “52 percent of elementary and junior middle school pupils in Taiwan, around 1.45

May 17, 2007


A few weeks ago Victor Mair wrote a guest post on Language Log implying that China’s high rates of illiteracy could be cured by reforming the

April 5, 2007


Scott Sommers has written a wide-ranging and thoughtful post on education in Taiwan. The ostensible topic is globalization, but far more interesting

March 17, 2007


I know I’m not the only one who will miss Ze, as he ends his one year video blog which rocked the interweb. I think the secret to Ze’s success is

December 20, 2006

Inequality Roundup

I’ve been delinquent in writing up the half a dozen stories on global inequality which I’ve been meaning to blog about, so here they all are in one

October 12, 2006


Graduate Student Rashi Jain is running in a marathon to raise money for a program to set up Radio Schools for rural Adivasi communities in India.

October 7, 2006


How hard is it to be a teacher? Malcolm Gladwell has a nice piece about how hard it is to judge the difficulty of someone else’s job. I think that

December 23, 2005


Guest post by tf With all the talk of call centers in poorer countries, one sometimes forgets that they are a booming business in the rich world.

December 17, 2005


Guest post by tf Daniel Schneidermann lost his job because he spoke out. Now his associate, Judith Bernard, has had a job offer withdrawn because

December 12, 2005


Guest post by tf Fifteen percent of French students leave elementary school without being able to read properly, according to Ministry of Education

December 7, 2005

Skype Out

Guest post by tf Each French cabinet ministry has its own official responsible for the national defense related aspects of that ministry’s work. For

December 5, 2005


Guest post by tf Blackboard is an online system used by many universities, in the United States and elsewhere, to animate classroom discussions

September 16, 2005

Separate and Unequal

Jonathan Kozol has an important article in the latest issue of Harpers. Although the magazine hasn’t made it available online, you can read it here.

July 15, 2005


One of the things I try to explain in my dissertation is the failure of Taiwan’s current educational policies. What do I mean by failure? This is a

July 3, 2005

Crazy English

Someone recently mentioned to me that I should see Yuan Zhang’s 1999 documentary “Crazy English.” Although the few reviews I’ve found of the film

May 17, 2005

Savage Minds

Last September I wrote an article in Anthropology News encouraging my fellow anthropologists to get online. I was frustrated that while there are

April 16, 2005


Last year, when I was offered the opportunity to teach a course on anthropology and photography at Haverford College, I immediately knew I wanted to

April 4, 2005


The hunger strike by students supporting a guaranteed living wage at Georgetown was a success. According to the DC labor web site (where I can no

March 23, 2005


Students at Georgetown are fighting to get a living wage for the lowest paid employees at the university. Sign a petition in support of the hunger

March 11, 2005

New SATs

David Goldenberg, writing in the online magazine Gelf, takes the “New” SATs to task. Most disturbing is the effect that the changes to the test are

February 26, 2005

Help Desk

A new ad campaign from IBM “shows a young Chinese girl asking to join a virtual classroom because her village is too far from the nearest school.”

February 21, 2005


No need to wait for the book, the curious can download my dissertation right now: Learning “Local” Languages: Passive Revolution, Language Markets,

January 7, 2005


In my last post I wrote about India’s Adivasis, or “Scheduled Tribes.” Accounting for over 85 million people, they account for the bulk of India’s

October 29, 2004

10 years

How did my Ph.D. take 10 years? First of all, that is the average for a Ph.D. in Anthropology, so it is no big deal. Secondly, it doesn’t seem that

October 25, 2004

English Teachers

In the comments on a recent LanguageHat post two of the most articulate, literate, and thoughtful members of the blogsphere, John Emerson (aka

October 14, 2004


There is no doubt that Bush’s attempt to deflect discussion of jobs by talking about No Child Left Behind didn’t work. And Kerry did a great job

October 3, 2004

Student I.D.

Joi Ito just got his student I.D. card, and now he can access all those wonderful academic databases, like Lexis-Nexis. His thoughts on this are

October 3, 2004

Open Source Anthropology

My latest Anthropology News article, “Open Source Anthropology” is now available online as a fully editable wiki article. Please feel free to

August 13, 2004

Multiple Intelligences

I wanted to clarify a comment I left in my post on Koko, the guerilla whose learned to use symbols to communicate with humans. I wrote the

August 9, 2004


Last week, Kevin Drum wrote: Mark Kleiman thinks there are a few little seedlings of evidence that people are growing up and talking more honestly

March 26, 2004


A few weeks ago I asked, in regards to US concerns about the offshoring of high-tech jobs, just how many American’s were doing these jobs to begin

March 10, 2004


I once had a summer job renovating apartments in New York city. Not having much experience at this kind of thing, my Jamaican co-workers always

March 8, 2004


Last month, President Bush’s Secretary of Education, Rod Paige, called America’s largest teachers’ union a “terrorist organization.” Why? Because

December 16, 2003


Richard D. Kahlenberg and Bernard Wasow have an excellent article on “school choice” in the latest Boston Review New Democracy Forum. First, they

November 2, 2003


There has been a lot of discussion of late about the Lakoff interview on how the left needs to learn how to better “frame” issues, in order to

October 31, 2003


I wasn’t going to post anything this week — as I’m away from my broadband connection in the city. However, this study (which I heard about on NPR)

October 13, 2003


In his recent post on education Calpundit finds himself “reluctantly” siding with some very harmful views: In the Washington Post, William

September 28, 2003


So, you start a company to privatize education and take on the teachers unions. Your company fails miserably both in terms of the market and

September 24, 2003


The entire mission of “No Child Left Behind” is to eventually label every single school in this nation as “failing“—it’s a backdoor way of forcing