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July 20, 2006


Shashwati asks why I chose to work in one of the most earthquake and typhoon prone regions on the planet. One good reason is that they are much

August 15, 2005

NPR Podcasts [Feeds]

After wasting an afternoon figuring out how to set up Audio Hijack to automatically record yesterday’s All Things Considered, Fresh Air, and

July 10, 2005

delicious for:you [feeds]

Have an interesting link you think I’d be interested in? Tag it in with the tag “for:kerim” and I’ll see it when I look at

July 9, 2005

Subscribe via E-mail

In the early days, my blog was actually an e-mail list sent out to a group of friends and family members. Then I figured out how to post everything

April 12, 2005

Anthropology Journals via RSS [Feeds]

Very exciting. I just discovered via a discussion on Golublog that CiteULike provides RSS feeds for a number of anthropology journals, including The

January 23, 2005 [Feeds]

I haven’t posted anything in my “Feeds” category for a while — mostly because people seem to be catching on as to how useful RSS feeds can be.

October 22, 2004


Following Joi Ito, I am going to quote David Weinberger’s post in its entirety. I’ve really become interested in the way tagged meta data works (see

October 18, 2004

Mac vs. Windows

I generally try to respect the fact that the vast majority of my users visit this site using a PC, but I liked this comment from Brent Simmons,

October 16, 2004


I’ve slowed down on posting regular updates about things you can do with RSS. This is partially because most people who are prone to trying out new

October 3, 2004

Books as Blogs

I recently posted about how the diaries of Samuel Pepys were being released as a blog. Well, today I discovered a bunch of other sites releasing

September 22, 2004

In my article on blogging, I commented on the links between contemporary blogging and diary writing in the seventeenth century: This is not unlike

September 13, 2004


I’ve added a new feature for all those who simply can’t get enough of Keywords — a “side blog” or “link blog” of fun, interesting links that I like,

August 12, 2004

Calendar Feeds [Feeds]

Syndicate your schedule! I’ve long been using PHP iCalendar which allows me to sync my iCal Calendar without using an expensive .Mac account, and

June 12, 2004

FeedBurner [Feeds]

One of the big problems with running a full-text newsfeed on your website is that it makes it difficult to keep track of how many people are reading

May 14, 2004

Usenet [Feeds]

Continuing my ongoing quest to document new and innovate uses for RSS feeds… Looks like Google is pushing Atom (a standard that “competes” with

April 23, 2004

AlterSlash [Feeds]

For those who don’t know about Slashdot, here is the wikipedia entry: Slashdot (frequently abbreviated online as “/.”) is a popular

April 3, 2004

Gnews2RSS [Feeds]

Gnews2RSS An experimental convertor that takes a Google News search and turns it into RSS Very cool. Although, it seems that Google doesn’t like

March 31, 2004

Jobs [Feeds]

Xeni Jardin of wrote the following: In an item about RSS for the current issue of Wired Magazine, I wrote: “Job seekers anxious

March 23, 2004

eBay [Feeds]

I’ve been very happy with my Amazon RSS Feed Generator. It has alerted me to quite a few new books coming out on topics that I’m interested in. The

March 17, 2004

Subway [Feeds]

This is a post for the New Yorkers out there. I’m sure there are similar services for other cities, and I hope people will write about them in the

March 5, 2004

Feedster [Feeds]

Over the past year I’ve seen a lot of bloggers write that they wish there was a search engine that would search only the sites that they read every

March 3, 2004


This is an exciting time here at Keywords. Just after announcing one new feature on this blog, I’m already announcing a new one! Announcing “Feeds.”

March 3, 2004

WordSpy [Feeds]

My first “feeds” post is an unusual use of RSS feeds. Thanks to a website called WordSpy, you can be immediately notified of new words entering the