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August 30, 2012

Remembering the Anthropology of Memory

Remember when anthropology of memory was a big thing? Maybe it’s time for the anthropology of remembering the anthropology of memory? #fb — Kerim

January 2, 2008

Lists of 2007

Photo by Chaabee Dheefa. Here are some noteworthy year-end lists from 2007: Highlights from Savage Minds (my other blog). List of Scandalized

July 28, 2007


I told myself last night that I should fill up the gas tank before setting out this morning. The drive up the mountain to the lake burns a bit of

February 14, 2006


In India, on January 12th, around one thirty in the morning, back from a long day of filming which had involved over nine hours of driving, I fired

January 19, 2006


Guest post by tf Since December 21st, Médecins du Monde (Doctors of the World) has been distributing tents to homeless people in Paris. Dr

December 20, 2005


When I took this picture I didn’t know the name of the girl. Now I do. It is Poonam, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up. The thing is,

October 17, 2005

Acting Like a Thief

Announcing Acting Like a Thief! Now available as a free BitTorrent download or, for a $50 donation, as a DVD. Acting Like a Thief is a short film

September 15, 2005

Hooch and Hamlet

This December, Shashwati and I are going to India to shoot a documentary film about the residents of one city’s slum who are using theatre to fight

April 21, 2005

Peking Man

This post was occasioned by a news article, discovered on Howard French’s blog, about a recent Chinese study which “found that Chinese ancestors set

February 27, 2005


I tried mailing a document to a friend in Arizona. It got returned. Why? We regret that your mail is being returned to you because of heightened

February 21, 2005


No need to wait for the book, the curious can download my dissertation right now: Learning “Local” Languages: Passive Revolution, Language Markets,

February 3, 2005


“Alexander Hamilton: The Man Who Made Modern America” is an exhibit at the New York Historical Society. I haven’t seen this exhibit, nor do I intend

January 29, 2005

You Bet Your Life

Robert Dwan, who directed the show “You Bet Your Life,” with Groucho Marx, on both the radio and television, died last Friday at the age of 89. I

January 29, 2005


Up till now I’ve resisted putting a “donate” button on my site. But the fact is that I now have over 500 people a day visiting the site and if out

January 19, 2005

India Photos

Here is a selection of my photos from my time in Ahmedabad (my Ahmedabad post): And here are some from Dehradun (my Dehradun post): See all

January 7, 2005


In my last post I wrote about India’s Adivasis, or “Scheduled Tribes.” Accounting for over 85 million people, they account for the bulk of India’s

January 6, 2005


India is a settler state, like Australia, the United States, South Africa, Israel, Canada, Taiwan, and many other states where the indigenous

January 2, 2005


I find myself hesitant to write this post because it touches on two issues that are often harped upon in the Western press when writing about India:

November 29, 2004

Southern Women

David Gergen is the director of the Center for Public Leadership in the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. He has served in the

November 25, 2004

Class War

Drew Beck brings my attention to this Žižek essay (also here) on the book everyone has been talking about since even before election day: Thomas

September 10, 2004


To the right is Karim Khan Zand, the guy I was named after — in honor of being born on a holiday trip to Tehran. My parents chose the Turkish

September 5, 2004

Predatory Lending

When I lived in North Philadelphia, check cashing places (which charge nearly 300% interest) were the only businesses I saw in the poorer

August 30, 2004

“Stop Yelling at the TV and Get Online!”

My article, for Anthropology News, “Stop Yelling at the TV and Get Online!” has just been published. This is the first of a series of articles I am

August 21, 2004


I’ve been holding off writing a post about Benjamin Lee Whorf thinking that I would wait until I had time to do the topic justice; but the

May 21, 2004


Stanley Fish has an op-ed in the New York Times entitled “Why We Built the Ivory Tower” in which he argues that academics should stay out of

April 27, 2004


For much of history, the science of biology was the science of classification. As can be seen by the text accompanying this image (from a web page

April 5, 2004

Science Courts

Chris Mooney (who still doesn’t have an RSS feed) has an interesting post about how Republicans have undermined important public policy initiatives

March 10, 2004


I once had a summer job renovating apartments in New York city. Not having much experience at this kind of thing, my Jamaican co-workers always

March 2, 2004


Although the NY Times occasionally has excellent stories, I never expect much from it. So I wasn’t surprised to learn that neither does the staff at

February 23, 2004


In an excellent Op-Ed in the New York Times David Shipler (who had a Magazine article on the “working poor” in the Times a few weeks ago) writes:

February 19, 2004


Truth died a little today. I know it sounds trite, but how else to talk about the death of Jean Rouch, who died in a car crash in Niger at the age

January 31, 2004


Sometimes I wish that conservatives would make an effort to be logically consistent. I suppose some do, but most seem to have no problem switching

December 23, 2003


Daniel Mendelsohn did not like Tarantion’s Kill Bill. Why? Because there was no “psychological motivation” and a “tenacious plot”: For Tarantino,

December 22, 2003


I’ve been trying to understand how it is that the French can feel so strongly that Muslim women shouldn’t have the right to wear the Hijab (I wish

December 3, 2003


Nothing seems to get Democrats more upset these days than memories of the Nader campaign. In Rage Against the Machine’s music video, Testify

November 2, 2003


There has been a lot of discussion of late about the Lakoff interview on how the left needs to learn how to better “frame” issues, in order to

October 22, 2003


Scholars outing rabid anti-Americanism in our own universities …. no, this isn’t the McCarthy hearings on un-American activities, it is the House

October 20, 2003


I want to thank Nathan Newman for pointing out an article on an issue close to my heart: inequality. Ever since reading Amartya Sen’s book,

October 11, 2003


Two recent articles of interest: First, one about a “black man” who discovered that his DNA didn’t contain any of the traits usually associated with

September 19, 2003


Calpundit asks: “is there any kind of rough consensus about what income it takes to reasonably label someone as “rich” or “poor” or “middle class”?

September 17, 2003


Jonathon Delacour, writing about Japanese aesthetics, says the following: One of the reasons for my strong interest in Japanese literature and

August 28, 2003


Amptoons is right, Pedantry’s series of posts about language policy is one of the most interesting things in the blogsphere right now. (Right up

August 28, 2003


Pictured here is a typical Taipei street scene, captured wonderfully by a computer science professor at Columbia. (I found the picture using

August 13, 2003


“With all my admiration for Noam Chomsky, I partially disagree with him. Its an underlying premise of his work that you don’t have to do any theory

August 11, 2003


Opposition to Bilingual Education is popping up again in yet another state — this time its Florida: The unfortunate reality is that it takes away

July 18, 2003


In response to the rising tide of people using the “F-word” to describe the Bush administration’s numerous tactics for dividing the world into those