OK, my first post was actually number 17, so this is only my 83rd post since June 29th. And, of course, I had my old blog before that… but still, I can’t help but feel that post number 100 has some special significance.

The site does pretty well for a latecomer to the game. I average about 20 visitors a day, only a few of which are here because of random Google searches. A lot more visitors stick around and look at other posts than did so on my own blog, which makes me very happy. And I have an additional 26 people who receive my blog everyday via (You can sign up on the right.) Moreover, some individual entries have received considerable attention. The most visited entries are: Babel, Bilingual, Programs, Fascism, Sanctions, Fuck, and Class.

Google searches leading to my site have recently included caesar’s palace cocktail waitresses” and john sayles’ sexual orientation,” among other things unrelated to my blog. (Oops, now I’ll get even more hits for those searches…). But there are also many searches that actually get people to pages that I think will help them find what they are looking for. Searches for tradesports legal” usually get people to my entries on Futures and Gambling, and a fair number of people come looking for information on Cossacks or the NY Times article by James Traub on Fascism.

On the down side, only a few blogs have linked to me, or to entries I wrote here. Still, the ones that do link to me are all excellent blogs, so I’m flattered that they added me to their blogroll. I really need to update my own blogroll to include more blogs — rather than linking to other blogs via my bookmarks web page. I’m just waiting for my bookmarks software to be upgraded.

If you like this blog, please link to it from your own blog, or at least try to link to one of my entries now and then. And if you don’t have your own blog, at least try to come and leave a comment now and then! (Comments are pretty sparse around here…) You can start by leaving your thoughts in the comments section right here, on entry #100!