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Announcing RSS feeds for searches!!! That’s right — you can find out when a new book comes out on your favorite topic, or when that PDA you want falls below a certain price. You can even find out when something is available used… the possibilities are endless. But because it is a little tricky to set up the RSS code you need, I made a quick RSS feed generator that allows you to enter your keywords, choose an amazon store, and even pick the order you want items to be sorted! It is easy to use, and free. Enjoy.

The way most people use the web requires them to constantly check web pages to see if they’ve been updated, but there’s a better way: RSS feeds! RSS feeds (also referred to as XML or RDF) are to be found on most blogs. You’ll either see a link with one of those words, or sometimes it will simply say syndicate”. If you have the appropriate software installed, you can easily see which sites have been updated, and even read or preview the content that has been updated — stripped of all distracting text and advertising. But blogs are not the only thing that can be linked to an RSS feed. Some news sites have feeds, and if they don’t you can pay a small fee to get feeds of most major news sites via sites like Here is a site that offers free RSS feeds for daily comics. And for New Yorkers, there is even a site offering RSS feeds of NY City Subway advisories! For more information on RSS feeds read this article. And to see a slightly out of date list of what is on my news feed aggregator, read this.

Now if only academic publishers would provide RSS feeds of journal contents…