I’m doing OK after my operation. I’m not taking any pain killers, and I even went for a short walk around the block this afternoon. Physical trauma has a tendency to make us regress, and I’ve been regressing in style by watching DVDs of my favorite childhood hero: Horatio Hornblower. (I’m loyal to Horatio – I’m skipping out on the whole “Master and Commander” thing – at least for now.)

I’ve also been mindlessly surfing the web. Here are some links I thought worth sharing, even though I don’t have the energy to write anything about them:

  • Play the Bush on Meet the Press Drinking Game. (A must see video clip from the Daily Show with John Stewart.)
    • “At what time in the history of the world was there a place…where not only the doctors and waiters and trolley conductors spoke Yiddish, but also the airline clerks, travel agents, ferry captains, and casino employees?” (Via Languagehat.)
      • President Bush and his top advisers ignored many of the caveats and qualifiers included in the classified report on Saddam Hussein’s weapons… </ul> <div id="themify_builder_content-1505" class="themify_builder_content themify_builder themify_builder_front">