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Ampersand says this about Keywords:

…a very smart lefty blog that I’ll definitely be checking in the future.

You know, it doesn’t take much to make a blogger happy. We don’t do what we do for money, we don’t do it for fame, but we do want one thing: the respect of our peers. Thanks!

OK, maybe respect isn’t enough — we also want people to read what we write! Ampersand’s post on how to get more hits on your site is full of good advice. One thing he doesn’t mention, however, is the importance of having a working RSS feed for your site. With so many blogs to keep up with, more and more people are relying upon software like NetNewsWire or Feedreader (for the PC), as well as online services like Bloglines. Unfortunately, a lot of people are blogging with homemade or out-of-date software that doesn’t provide a working RSS feed. There are some good blogs in my blogroll that I never read for this reason. Similarly, you want blogging software that supports Trackbacks. This way other bloggers will immediately be notified if you link to their posts. I strongly recommend using MovableType or Typepad, if you prefer PHP, give Nucleus a try. If you have a mac, try using ecto to write your posts! And don’t forget to test your site out on a few different browsers and computer systems — if your site doesn’t load properly on someone’s web browser they aren’t going to read it!

UDPATE: FeedDemon seems to be a good PC RSS feed reader, although it isn’t free like FeedReader.