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This is an exciting time here at Keywords. Just after announcing one new feature on this blog, I’m already announcing a new one!

Announcing Feeds.”

After promoting the use of RSS feeds on this site for a long time (see here, here, here, here, and here), they seem to finally be getting some mainstream attention. So I am announcing a new series of posts devoted to useful RSS feeds. These will be feeds that aren’t simply a list of posts on a blog or news site, but somehow provide unique or interesting information that is well suited to the format.

My Amazon Feed Generator is an example of one such use, as is Apple’s iTunes music feed, but there are many more out there and I’ll try to write about them on a somewhat regular basis. The first post should be up later today.

I strongly recommend using either NetNewsWire Lite (mac) or FeedDemon (PC) to read your feeds.

There is a new category for this series, entitled feeds.”