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For those who don’t know about Slashdot, here is the wikipedia entry:

Slashdot (frequently abbreviated online as /.”) is a popular technology-oriented weblog, primarily consisting of short summaries of stories on other websites with links to the stories, and provisions for readers to comment on the story. Each story generally receives between 50 and 700 such comments. … The site’s slogan is, News for nerds, stuff that matters,”…

There are two problems with Slashdot (other than the questionable quality of some of the news” posted there): (1) Their RSS feeds are not full feeds. And (2) the 50-700 comments on each post (probably even more than that). solves both of those problems. First, they offer full feeds reproducing every slashdot post. And, secondly, they post only the top-rated comments (only the ones marked as informative,” not the ones marked as funny”). A much better way to have slashdot in your RSS news reader. [

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