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I’m upgrading my blogging software to MovableType 3.0. (Note: It is hard to find the free version for download, but its still there.) This means that there will be a new commenting system, which requires you to register with TypeKey in order to be able to post comments. It is either that, or I have to personally moderate all comments before they get posted. TypeKey seems like a better solution, since if you are registered you can also post comments on any other blog which uses TypeKey. Please use the comments to this post to let me know what you think, or to test out the new comments features. Hopefully the TypeKey system will reduce the amount of SPAM.

Unfortunately, it isn’t so easy to upgrade my templates to accomodate the new system, so comments are disabled until this is fixed. I’ll post an update here when everything is up and running.

OK. Comments are working, but it is a little buggy. These are mostly display issues though, so you should be able to post comments if you can put up with a little strangeness.

I need to figure out: (a) how to tell people that HTML isn’t allowed, (b) how to get it to continue to recognize that you are signed in after you post (right now you need to hit refresh” to re-login, and (c) how to stop it from loading the full individual entry archives after you login to TypeKey for the first time via the pop-up window (this isn’t a problem when posting from the individual entry archive).