Vote (for T-shirts)!

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As you know, I’ve been involved in helping run an online contest to pick better T-shirts for the Kerry Campaign. The first round of voting is now over, and now we need your help to pick the semi-finalists. An earlier round of voting weeded out the top ten designs in each of our eight categories, and we need your help to pick the best four. The winning designs, picked by our panel of celebrity judges, will be sold through our online store to raise money for the Kerry Campaign.

Just head over to the voting page and you can view the top designs.

You are allowed four votes per category, and your votes cannot be changed. The top four vote-getters will move on the finalist phase. Once you’ve cast four votes, you’ll be able to see the current standings for that category. Voting will end on 11:59 PM EST, Wednesday, June 9th. The winning designs will be announced and available for sale on June 21st. (Although you can show your support now by purchasing a Designs on the White House T-shirt right now, promoting our web site.)

Please help spread the word!