Announcement: WordPress Migration on Saturday

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I love WordPress. Not just because it is Open Source, but because it is written in the PHP coding language. (I like PHP because it is easy to modify, and changes are reflected instantly on your web site, unlike MovableType which I am using now.) I used WordPress to setup Shashwati’s web site and blog; but I’ve been hesitant to switch Keywords because I don’t want to break all the links to existing entries or to have to require my readers to change bookmarks. Luckily, via a site called, I’ve managed to work out a deal with one of the WordPress developers who is going to help me make the switch without (knock on wood), breaking any of the existing links!

If all goes well the switch should happen transparently on Saturday night. But if you stop getting e-mail updates, RSS feeds, or something else goes wrong, please be patient, as I expect to iron out any remaining problems on Sunday and Monday.

(I’m working on a Wiki article about how I setup Shashwati’s website using WordPress. It still isn’t done, but you can bookmark it here.)