Move Complete!

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A million thanks to Carthik!!! This blog is now running on WordPress instead of MovableType, but Carthik has helped do it in such a way that all the old links should still work.

You hopefully won’t notice too many difference around here. The only big change (from the reader’s perspective) should be the comments. You will no longer need a TypeKey” account to post comments! I have filtering in place, so if your comment doesn’t appear right away don’t worry, it just means it was sent to me for verification” before posting.

Another nice change is that there are now RSS feeds for each category, (look on the right), as well as links beneath each post telling you which categories it is listed in. And there are also RSS feeds for the comments on each individual post, if you want to be notified of replies to any comments you leave on a particular subject.

Switching to WP should, in time, allow me to add even more new features to the blog, but I’m just going to see how things go for a while. If you notice anything strange, let me know!

UPDATE: I highly recommend that anyone looking for help with coding/web design/etc. give a try!

UPDATE: It is also possible to do the move yourself, since Carthik has written out clear directions on how to do it, and the folks at the WordPress Support Forums are a very helpful bunch.

UPDATE: Here’s someone who will help you migrate to WP for free! (Updated again: Fixed the link.)