Encouraging Words

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Those of you who have gone through the hell of writing a thesis know what I’m going through right now. My oral defense is scheduled for 60 days from today. On top of that, I have to apply for jobs in an increasingly tight Anthropology job market.

So, I just wanted to thank two former Temple undergraduates who recently found me on the web and took the time to send e-mails about how much they still think about classes they took with me back in the mid 90s. Both of these students where worried I didn’t remember them. They might not believe me when I wrote back saying I do — but I really do. I also know that as a student we often think teachers don’t need words of encouragement from a student, but that’s simply not true. It really does help to be reminded why we put ourselves through thesis hell in the first place.

Thank you!

Now back to work…

UPDATE: The comic I linked to is actually the end of a several-part narrative which starts here. There is also a soundtrack” at the bottom!