Books as Blogs

Culture, Feeds, Info Tech

I recently posted about how the diaries of Samuel Pepys were being released as a blog. Well, today I discovered a bunch of other sites releasing books or diaries as blog entries, one day at a time:

Some of them cleverly let you start receiving RSS feeds from page one, no matter when you start, others don’t seem to have that feature, which is too bad as I think it makes the whole idea much more attractive. Ideally someone should set up a service to do this with ALL of the Project Gutenberg texts, offering the ability to specify how many pages a day to receive, as well as offering the ability to start on a given day.

There are also variations on this theme, such as One A Day, which provides a one Chinese Idiom every day. I imagine there are probably sites that offer a poem a day, although I couldn’t find any offering works by classic poets in a blog format with RSS feeds. It would be great to have something like an Emily Dickinson blog.

One thing that is really nice about the Pepys diary blog is that there are comments/annotations, something missing on most of the other sites. This seems to be a way to really tap into the power of the web.