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First off — we are fine. We are in the North of India, far away from the disaster zone. Thanks to all those who inquired about our well being, but there is no need to worry about us. Sorry, I should have said something in my Ahmedabad post, which I wrote the day after the disaster. Ahmedabad is in the far Northwest of India and the disaster struck the Southeast. Fortunately we didn’t go travelling in the South as we had been thinking of doing a few months ago…

But more importantly, the world needs to come to the aid of millions of people who are desperately in need of your support. The BBC website has an excellent list of agencies providing support. The news reports I’ve seen say that while there is no shortage of supplies, there is a lack of the coordination necessary to get the aid to the victims. In Aceh the lack of roads and oil makes it impossible to get much needed water and food to victims. ActforChange has a drive to ask the US to increase its financial support, but I think even more is needed. Those large US firms getting billions of dollars to handle logistics in Iraq should be over there giving something back to the world. At the very least, we should supply helicopters to deliver disaster relief to those who need it. But who cares when only poor people were affected?

UPDATE: The South-East Asia Earthquake and Tsunami Blog (via Ishbadiddle)

UPDATE: More on why it is rational for Asian stock markets to be doing so well in the wake of the tragedly (i.e. because the tsunami mostly affected poor people).