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I haven’t posted anything in my Feeds” category for a while — mostly because people seem to be catching on as to how useful RSS feeds can be. However, just today I learned about this handy new feed from Although my favorite site for comparing book prices is, they don’t offer RSS feeds. And my Amazon RSS Feed Generator doesn’t do price comparisons (although it does do keyword” searches and searches for non-book items). Brent Simmons (author of my favorite RSS feed reader) offers this example for how to use feeds:

The feeds show prices, so you can see how much a book is at Amazon, how much at Powell’s, and so on.

Say you want to buy Tom Negrino’s latest book about managing your personal finances with Quicken. Since you’re smart about money (or at least hope to be), you’re looking for a good deal.

Here’s what you could do:

  1. Get the ISBN number of Tom’s book. (You could search for it at, look it up on Amazon, etc.)

  2. Add a new feed with a URL that looks like this:

(The number part is the ISBN, which is different for each book.)

When a price changes, the feed is updated.

NOTE: My Amazon RSS Feed Generator was broken, but now it is fixed!

UPDATE: While I’m at it, here is UPS package tracking via RSS!!! (via 43 Folders) [

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