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They say that on the internet nobody knows your naked, but one can feel quite naked after living one’s life online for some time. Unless you use a pseudonym, you eventually leave a trail of grumpy comments left on various blogs in the wee hours of the night. Fortunately, these comments are generally not consolidated into one searchable index the way a blog is. So I’m not sure why I’m doing this, but I decided to start collecting my comments on other blogs in such an index. I’ve created a tag for comments I leave on other blogs. It even has its own RSS feed. Maybe I’ll eventually integrate it into the web site, but my sidebar is already overcrowded. So far, I’ve just been rounding up comments I’ve left on other blogs (nearly 20 on Language Hat alone!), but as I move forward I will bookmark any comments I leave on other blogs. Hopefully this will force me to be more judicious in my commenting! The one big advantage of doing this is that I can go back later and see if anyone responded to my comments. It should also help me track down interesting posts that I might not otherwise have bookmarked.

UPDATE: Nor does it appear that I am the first person to do this. See URLs tagged with comments” from all users.

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