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Via Jonathan Benda I discovered Googlism, a site that will find out what thinks of you” (at least circa 2004, at which point Google blocked them from conducting new queries). The results can be funny, absurd, astonishingly accurate, or outrageously wrong. I won’t tell you which is which, but here are the results for Kerim on Googlism:

kerim is situated in torba village on the northern coast of the peninsula which is
kerim is holding a
kerim is an interesting ally
kerim is probably one of the most lovable characters to ever meet 007
kerim is one of the
kerim is not exactly known since the accusations against him which were obliged to be published
kerim is voor het hele seizoen uitgeschakeld
kerim is of great
kerim is participating
kerim is a classic character in the bond canon
kerim is in brussel om hulp te vragen in de strijd tegen de albanese opstandelingen
kerim is a part time lecturer at bilgi university
kerim is killed
kerim is one of the icons of modern egyptian art
kerim is more than a thrash
kerim is an anthropology student studying native language education” in taiwan
kerim is trying as best as he can to escape its clutches but finds that the burden is so great that he is unable to get
kerim is visiting the republic of bulgaria tomorrow
kerim is scheduled to ask for creating a five
kerim is a key member of mi6 and head of station t in istanbul
kerim is fascinating
kerim is charming
kerim is one of my personal favorite ally of all time
kerim is a totally different composition
kerim is al klaar met de foto hij moet alleen nog op de computer zetten tolga moet nog een foto maken als
kerim is the only
kerim is also making some remixes of a few songs just to see what they’d sound like
kerim is the metal and prog
kerim is due to hold talks at nato headquarters in brussels on friday
kerim is scheduled to attend an emergency meeting of the united nations security council late tuesday to discuss the looming
kerim is scheduled to brief the western military alliance about the latest development of the conflict around tetovo
kerim is invulnerable
kerim is about to shoot krilencu
kerim is shot in
kerim is currently in
kerim is gepromoveerd tot bar
kerim is een paar dagen naar een turkse bruiloft geweest
kerim is quoted as
kerim is of the opinion that skopje and sofia use the same vocabulary in respect to nato and eu integration
kerim is often read by muslims during ramadan
kerim is in the house
kerim is also happy
kerim is naar zijn werk
kerim is one
kerim is a level 100 mortal of the troll race
kerim is married and has three children
kerim is
kerim is now on special assignment in that part of the drc
kerim is the word of allah
kerim is replying to this message

Somehow, in all my viewings of From Russia with Love, I never noticed that there was a character named Kerim. Must be because I’m usually doing something else when I’m watching a Bond film — like washing dishes.

By the way, Keywords is still the #1 result for Kerim” when searching Google, even after Google changed the way they rank blog posts. Presumably because I have my own hosting.

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