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The upgrade redesign of Keywords is now complete. Like I said, the new system should allow me to change things even more in the future, and maybe even offer a variety of themes depending on user preferences. However, I could use some feedback on the new design, since I want to make sure it looks decent across all platforms and browsers.

Here is what it looks like on my computer (click for a larger image):

new theme

If you notice anything radically different from this, please let me know! General feedback is also welcome.

For those new here, this is what it used to look like:

old theme

UPDATE: One thing that is driving me crazy is that on the main index page URLs are not wrapping, while they are on the individual archive pages. I have no idea why! Anyone?

UPDATE: Check out the new zeitgeist page! (Powered by the Heat Map plugin.)

UPDATE: I’ve redirected my feeds to all run through Feedburner (except for category and comments feeds). Let me know if you notice anything strange!

UPDATE: I’ve implemented changes in response to some of the comments, as well as adding a section on my side bar with links to comments I’ve left on other people’s blogs.

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