Ready to Print

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I was going to write another post about what is happening over on Savage Minds but I’m thrilled to pieces with Lorenz’s review, so I’ll just quote him:

The anthropology group blog Savage Minds is only five days old, but there are already lots of blog entries and even more comments — or you should rather call the entries for articles: they are well written, detailed — “ready to print”. It looks like as if Savage Minds is on its way to be the most important anthropology site on the net.

These are at least my euphoric thoughts after reading today’s posts Armchair Anthropology in the Cyber Age? (Topic: How the web changes anthropology and its methods) by Kerim Friedman and Alex Golub’s answer Anthropology and the Clash of Civilizations where he draws the attention to the influence of popular ethnocentric online-videogames on the relation between us” and them” and Dustin M. Wax’s reflections Nothing Is Just after an anthropology lecture he held. He discusses one of the most central issues in anthropology: Nothing is Just. Filmmaking isn’t “just” making movies. Marriage isn’t just” a marker of committment. Family isn’t just” the people you are related to. Giving gifts isn’t just” a form of exchange.”

Thanks. I just hope we can keep it up!