Arrived in Taipei yesterday. A long, if uneventful journey. This is the first time my flight went through the new Nagoya airport in Japan, and arrived at the new terminal at Chiang Kai Shek airport in Taiwan. In the past I always stopped at Narita and disembarked at the old terminal. While Narita exudes a quaint 60s Japanese modernism, Nagoya is a giant glass box, not unlike any other new airport.


Surprisingly, despite its gleaming new facade, I couldn’t get cell phone or internet access at Nagoya.

Terminal 2 at Chiang Kai Shek is a welcome relief from the old building. I didn’t get a picture, but the gleaming marble is typical of the Donald Trump style which is so fashionable in Taiwan these days. While not attractive, it is far more efficient and user-friendly than the old terminal which reeks of the bureaucracy that designed it.

More later.

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