Request for CSS help!


I’ve been working on a revision of the Hooch and Hamlet in Chharanagar web site, and I’m really happy with how it looks. Unfortunately, the code I’m using doesn’t seem to play well with Internet Explorer even though it looks great in Firefox and Safari. I’m hoping that someone out there really understands CSS and can help out. If so, please take a look here.

It is really urgent that I get this site working properly on MSIE before I launch it publicly, and we’d like to launch it ASAP.

If you have Firefox you can take a sneak peek at the new site here. But please don’t link to it until we have the problems solved!


UPDATE: I finally figured out what was causing the problem and then, with some help from Google, I found this article which offered a solution.

If you can, please help me out by looking at the site on a few different browsers and platforms and let me know if you find any strange behavior.

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