Acting Like a Thief

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Announcing Acting Like a Thief! Now available as a free BitTorrent download or, for a $50 donation, as a DVD.

Acting Like a Thief

Acting Like a Thief is a short film about the Budhan Theatre of Chharanagar. Starting with playwright Dakxin Bajrange discussing his arrest , the film brings us inside the lives of a dedicated group of young actors and their families as they discuss what it means to be a born criminal” and how theater changed their lives.

More to Come!

Although we are releasing it as a self-contained movie, Acting Like a Thief is a preview of a larger project: Hooch and Hamlet in Chharanagar. We are raising funds to go back to India and film more so that we can get this story out to a wider audience.

If you like Acting Like a Thief, please help support Hooch and Hamlet in Chharanagar.

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