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Thanks to a friend I discovered, which allows you to donate to charities and non-profits online. This is great for us, because we’ve been very frustrated that there is no way to have people donate money to the film online except via PayPal, and since PayPal payments go to us, not our fiscal sponsors, they are not tax-deductible. Now that problem is solved!

Donate Now via

(Note: There is a $20 minimum.)

If you hadn’t donated to the film before because writing a check was too much trouble, now there’s no excuse.

While you are there, you can also jump to the homepage and donate money to South Asia earthquake relief efforts at the same time!

I’m happy to say that we are already one third of the way to meeting our goal, and we have promises of additional funds coming soon. I had my doubts at first, but now I know we can do it. Please help! And even if you can’t donate, please help spread the word: send an e-mail to your friends, post something on your blog, whatever you can do to help get the word out.

Thank you!