My Mycroft


Just as Sherlock Holmes had his smarter brother Mycroft, I have a smarter big brother as well: TF. Although not lazy and fat like Mycroft, he has so far been as reclusive. All that is about to change… Starting tomorrow, TF will be guest blogging here at Keywords.

TF lives in Paris, loves architecture, Edward Tufte, and bubble tea. It may come as a shock, but my brother … God, I can barely admit this in public … reads … the … Economist! There, I said it. Jokes aside, he is a truly independent thinker, as I’m sure you’ll come to find out.

I’ll be busy traveling over the next two months, and shooting a film, but I’ll continue to post when I can. I’ve also arranged for a few guest bloggers to cover for me over at Savage Minds. They will be announced in due course.

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