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Not the first time I’ve been linked to by BoingBoing, so I know from experience that after the link disappears from the front page of BoingBoing few of those readers will come back (few even read anything but the linked post), but it is still quite phenomenal to see the difference a link can make:

Before and after BoingBoing link

Both BoingBoing links were in relation to posts by the illustrator-writer-blogger Mark Frauenfelder, whom I think for the links!

The graph is thanks to the wonderful WordPress Reports plugin, which does inform me that I actually do have some new subscribers to my RSS feed as a result of all this traffic, so a big shout-out to the dozen or so new regular readers! (FYI: There are now 196 people subscribed to the RSS feed, up from around 184.)

UPDATE: Data Mining has a nice roundup of other people’s experiences with such traffic spikes.

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