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Since their recent upgrade, I’ve switched from using my desktop client, NetNews Wire, to using Google Reader online, something I was never willing to do with any previous online RSS client I’ve tried. It is still in Google Labs, which means it hasn’t even graduated to a proper beta” software product and so still has some rough edges, but so far I’m pretty pleased with it.

One cool thing is that this allows me to create a clip blog of all those stories I find interesting, but simply don’t have the time to blog about. Accordingly, I’ve replaced my old side blog” with a new one that will be updated much more often with much more content (as long as I continue to use Google Reader). Look over on the right side of this page.

If you prefer, you can read all the posts to the link blog on their own web page! You can also subscribe to it via its RSS feed. (If you subscribed to my old sideblog RSS feed you should update your links.)

PS: I know the styling is a bit off, I’m working on it … if you know some CSS maybe you can help out? UPDATE: Thanks to the Feedburner staff for their help!

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